Wood Selection

In our Semi-Custom line, our dedicated craftsmen work with four different types of wood: Ash, Silver Maple, Walnut, and White Oak. We find these species to work exceptionally well for fine furniture because they have the perfect combination of beauty and strength.

In our Custom and Artisan line, we offer a large selection of wood species including Cherry, Elm, Mahogany, and Sapele.


A light brown color with some medium browns mixed in. Ash has a great density to weight ratio. A very attractive option.


silver maple.jpg

A light creamy color with a very smooth grain. Silver Maple is a hard wood with great wear resistance. Very clean modern appearance.

Silver Maple

white oak.jpg

A light to medium brown color with an open grain. White Oak is a very hard, heavy wood with great wear resistance.

White Oak


A chocolate brown color with a creamy sap wood. Walnut is a beautiful wood with a medium density.


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